Bullets over Broadway – The Musical


After his success in the series Scrubs (2001-2010) created by Bill Lawrence, starring the cutest and craziest doctor: Zach Braff. However, what has become Zach Braff since the series ended? In the beginning of 2013, Braff started a Kickstarter project called “Wish I was Here”, a follow up for the movie “Garden State” he played in. This movie was written by BRaff and his brother Adam and is actually being developed. People can see its development on the project Kickstarter page. Aside from this amazing project, Dr John Dorian stars in some series such as Arrested Development, The Exes (where one of the protagonists is our lovely Donald Faison (Scrubs) or even Cougar Town (created by Bill Lawrence). Zach Braff’s world is similar to a family life!

Zach Braff started his career aged 18 in Manhattan Murder Mystery, written and directed by Woody Allen, as Nick Lipton. In 2014, the duo Allen-Braff is back with a new musical: Bullets over Hollywood.

Originally, Bullets over Hollywood is a movie, also written and directed by Allen himself, released in 1994. It relates the story of a young playwright, David Shayne (John Cusack) asking a gangster to fund his new play on Broadway, God of Our Fathers. In exchange, his girlfriend, Olive Neal (Jennifer Tilly) is hired to act in it but is a very bad and talentless actress. However, her body guard Cheech (Chazz Palminteri) appears to be a very good actor. Between love and money, this play is the center of passion.

The first behind the scenes pictures of the musical can be seen on the Entertainment Weekly website where we discover the new cast:

David Shayne – Zach Braff
Olive Neal – Helen York (Masters of Sex)
Helen Sinclair – Marin Mazzie
Warner Purcell – Brooks Ashmanskas
Cheech – Nick Cordero
Nick Valenti – Vincent Pastore
Julian Marx – Lenny Wolpe
Ellen – Betsy Wolfe

© EW

The show is set to begin previews on March 11th, 2014 at Broadway’s St. James Theatre. The opening night is planned on April 10th 2014.

By Nina Lecourt-Neuman

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