Hey there #Hashtag!

The important thing with cinema and television is… stars! For the girls, Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Gosling, and all those 2000’s playboys have become icons. For the boys, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz and a lot more sexy hot chicks have become the girls they would like to date one day! However, the cinematographic landscapes still has unique actors but overall, unique personalities.

Time has passed and new personalities have emerged. Over with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, over with James Dean or even the amazing Jeff Conaway starring Kenickie in Grease. Before technology and selfies, people had to be beautiful and star as heroes. But TODAY, being an actor also means being present on the social networks. One example that struck me was Jenny Mollen, Jason Biggs’ wife. She tells everything she thinks, exposes her son, she’s rude but at the same time, tender and not shoking at all. People like that, feeling close to their favorite stars.

Everybody remembers how Paris Hilton’s sextape boosted her carreer. Okay, she became Hollywood’s nasty daddy girl but she was herself! Without the media, actors and actresses wouldn’t be the stars they are. We, common mortals, like feeling close to them, feeling like they are human after all. There are many ways of using social networks. You can talk, you can post pictures, you can create groups, you can join a cause and advertize for this, you can talk about someone..  You can do everything! Well, not without any consequences, but that’s what stars are looking for: us, talking about them, criticizing them, loving them… In the 60s, girls used to faint in front of the Beatles, today, girls write to their favorite “imaginary boyfriend” and might even get an answer!

However, the palo_alto-2most socially active/handsome/crazy/talented/artistic man I like to stalk (I admit it) is James Franco. People might say: “Oh right, as if she was the only one who fell in love with this semi-bold crazy man showing himself on the internet”. Well, people have started to ask questions, starting with Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto release, inspired from James Franco’s casi autobiographical book.

Maybe you remember the big mess he created within the internet when he started flirting with a 17-year-old girl before the movie was released. He was considered as a pervert, a crazy guy, a pedophile… but actually, Ithink it was more a way for him to make advertisement for his movie, talking about a gym teacher falling in love with one of his student… well, not only that. It mostly goes over what it is to be growing up in Palo Alto.

Aside from that, Franco has always been very active on the social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… mostly picturing himself in weird situations. Waking up, half naked, with a dog, bold, painting himself with Seth Rogen, once again naked… but he stays very humble and isn’t afraid of being “different”. He is not a Kim Kardashian (even though he might one day appear with huge buttocks and long hair to look like her!), he is just a complete artist. He paints, he writes, he acts, he teaches… He’s just one normal human being. After all, who doesn’t take selfies nowadays and having fun with friends?


James Franco is self-advertisement! I mean, who would create selfie tee shirts?! People might find it weird or just extremely self-centered but man, under so much pressure, the guy succeeds in having fun!

Now, we just have to watch Franco and Rogen’s new movie: the controversial The Interview.

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