Stalker – A hidden reality behind a well-structured fiction

Stalker, or how to impersonate our own fears

A few months ago, Warner Bros. was releasing its new series on CBS: Stalker, starring the magnificient Maggie Q, the charming Dylan McDermott and other incredible actors such as Mariana Klaveno, Erik Stocklin….

The plot is quite ordinary. A team of detectives from the police of Los Angeles investigate on several cases involving dangerous cases of stalking.

Beth Davis, detective in charge of the team, suffered from that. We learn through the series that a sick man started stalking her and put her house on fire, killing her whole family. She was the only one able to survive and has now to live with this fear of being stalked. She actually protects other people from what she could not be saved. But sometimes, fear cannot be overcome and start affecting our work, our personal life and even the people we love. Beth Davis surrounded her with detectives and became one in order to feel protected, but she also has to face her own destiny on a daily basis. Her work is a mirror of her own fears. Fears which might become reality.

 What is a stalker?

A stalker can simply be someone who is interested in one person and just follows the latter’s actions. It is commonly used to describe people obsessed with someone’s life on the social networks. Unfortunately, sometimes, it becomes a real disease. people start following others in the street, at their house and even develop a certain fear of abandon. They want people to find an interest in them and if it is not the case, they get aggressive and god knows how badly it can end.

The series aimed on showin how dangerous can stalkers be or become. The worst case scenario has been imagined.

An interesting structure

Each episode concerns a different stalking case. However, the audience can feel the director is very close to his main characters. Beth Davis and Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) have very similar lives in a certain kind of way and it can play on their interpretation of a case. First of all, the series focus on Jack Larsen and his arrival in Los Angeles. Nobody loves him, and the audience can feel he hides something. He starts following a woman which we discover bein his ex-wife, and his kid. He is the man he tries to eradicate. Then, we concentrate on Beth’s reactions and the way she deals with victims.

For instance, the main characters lives have an impact on the different cases. But one stalking (minor) affair remained in the narration. In the first episodes, Perry, a young student who stalked his former roomate? Well, he cannot let officer Davis go. He wants her. He wants what she is and he knows she hides something… He hates her and loves her at the same time. He will manipulate her, get closer to the people she loves and force her to face her own past. Each difficulty the officer will encounter will be increased by Perry.

Perry is part of the plot and without him, the series and the impact of the cases on Beth and her team won’t be so interesting and deep. Say hello to… Erik Stocklin.

Erik Stocklin: MANDATORY


Before starring in Stalker, Erik Stocklin played Sam Grey in the series Mistresses with Alyssa Milano, Rochelle AytesJes Macallan and Yunjin Kim. He plays a young guy in love with his dad’s former mistress and therapist, Karen (Yunjin Kim). He falls in love with her after his dad past away. He actually starts stalking her in order to show her how deep his love is but also, because he doesn’t understand how she could have loved his father more thn she could actually love him.

Erik Stocklin has become THE mandatory actor in all the dramas developping a structured narration. He knows how to imply fear and make people feel ill at ease.

I’m sure there will be opinions on the origins of his behavior. With people like this there is always more questions than answers sadly. That’s part of the fear built into a lot of these characters, that mystery and wanting a reason why. You see this unanswered in real life too often. Scary stuff. – Erik Stocklin to Lena Lamoray

Stalker has been acquired by the French channel TF1 and the first episodes have been broadcasted in April 15th, 2015.

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