Casey Neistat x The Power of Filmmaking through Social Media

A few years ago, my best friend introduced me to Casey Neistat’s work. I remember watching the ‘Make Your Own Dr. Dre Beats Headphones‘ video and telling myself : ‘This guy is a genius”. The New York-based filmmaker could use any object and make it a piece of art. But Casey Neistat is not only about that. Casey Neistat is a frame. Casey Neistat is a sound. Through his videos, he sends a message, an emotion.

Casey Neistat x Technology

Weirdly enough, 5 years ago, when he started posting his YouTube videos, Instagram, Snapchat, and all those apps barely existed. It was a video, a story, all in one. One media. One message. One character. Or was it?

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pretty excited about my new snapchat stickers.

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Casey is in the centre of all his stories. Either if it’s making a Nike or an Apple advert or juste talking about how he got hit by a car while riding his bike, making Q and A’s in his office facing the camera, or just creating new objects with old ones. Through the use of Snapchat, he allows people to see him as a person, and not only the guy behind the videos. He has a wife, two children, and his life is his art. That’s actually maybe why he decided to create his Vlog.

Almost a year ago, Casey Neistat told his followers he would post a video everyday about his life. About himself. He talks to people, about his feelings, about his work. And at the same time, continues working on the side. We can follow his life on Snapchat, as well as on Instagram. Each media tells something different, even though he talks about the same event several times a day. The narrative is different, from a different point of view. Still images, video, text… Casey Neistat actually has no boundaries…

Indeed, he also uses music, and made a playlist of all the musics he used in his vlog so far.

Casey Neistat x Beme

Last July, Casey Neistat launched his app called Beme, which he co-founded with Matt Hackett, former VP of Engineering at Tumblr.

What is Beme? Well, that’s simple, Beme is a video-sharing app which could be the encounter of Snapchat, Instagram and Vine but stuck to reality. You want to take a video? Fine, but you won’t be able to see it. You just film whatever is in front of you, or make a video-selfie of yourself and post it.

FullSizeRenderWho can see it?

Everyone with the app. People just go through the app searching for catch phrases and videos they like. Funnily enough, there is no “like” button, but a “react” option. If you stay long enough on one video, you will be able to “react” which means, send a picture of yourself to the person who made the video.

So, can anyone be Casey Neistat now? Of course not. Like every app, Beme is a way to express yourself, be yourself. Nothing’s fake. You just got out of bed. Beme is your best friend to start the day.

Because every media, every platform tells a story, Casey Neistat decided to tell lots of stories through the videos he makes. His Snapchat feed differs from his Twitter feed and his Instagram feed. His YouTube videos, in my opinion, talk a lot more than anything else because he has the means to create a lot more through editing, good cameras, better framing (or not?) and most of all, his voice and the music.

Social Media x The People’s Voice

Social media was created in order for people to communicate faster and easily. Videos, photos, texts, emojis… everything’s good to share an emotion. However, lately, social media has been a way to make adverts, share articles, pictures, and unfortunately, talk less than we used to. Through Beme, people can talk to each other, share emotions. Real emotions. Even Casey Neistat’s posts are emotions. He tries to stay human. Isn’t it a way to overcome all the boundaries social media have imposed over the years?

Only him can talk for himself… through his stories!

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