Meet The Kidults

Haven’t heard about the Kidults? Those four housemates who love talking in their bathroom about things we, the people, don’t dare saying out loud. They talk about life while dressing up for a party, getting ready for work, brushing their teeth while brushing their hair but also meeting weird people, boyfriends, girlfriends, one night stands… up to the point when the audience wonders how so many people can fit in that tiny bathroom.

What does ‘Kidults’ mean? Well, didn’t you ever think you were old enough to leave the parental house and live on your own and have a job and… still miss your parents when you find an empty fridge or just end up alone on your couch with no one to tell you ‘everything’s gonna be fine’? These are the Kidults. They say what you don’t want to admit. Want to know the worst part? They are not afraid and they are proud to be who they are.

The person behind this project is Arthur Vauthier. In 2013, they started in different webseries. They tried many different formats and ideas and created “Kewl”, which was taking place everywhere: living room, bedroom, bathroom, even the street. Until Arthur decided to limit the plot to the bathroom and changed the name to “Kidults”. He invited many people to share this adventure with him, including his boyfriend Lucas – yes my friends, if like me you liked the handsome Lucas, it’s a dead end as he’s been dating Arthur for over three years! Lucky Arthur. It was then Lucas, Arthur, Yohann and Sarah. But Yohann had to leave because of all the projects he has on the side. That’s when Allison, Sarah’s friend from college, joined the three housemates. In 2014 they started posting the videos on YouTube and in 2015, the current concept appeared: different episodes, videos, scattered on the Internet, on five different media: YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Twitter. Arthur thought about this format as he discovered some sitcoms through excerpts and some edits put online by fans on YouTube.

Who are Arthur, Lucas, Allison and Sarah?

Arthur is an immature bachelor incapable of committing to a relationship, a job or any kind of responsibility.

Lucas is a very caring, sweet and manic person. He loves Sarah deeply.

Allison is full of energy. She is a lover of organic food, has vegan inspirations, does beauty tutorials on YouTube centered on the use of food for other purposes than nutrition.

Sarah is also full of energy, she loves talking, explaining, arguing, being honest about her feelings, having people explain themselves when they do something wrong etc. She loves Lucas too but she has other inspirations somehow, she’s pretty independent. She loves to ask extremely hard dilemmas.

I would add, well, those characters are the best way for boys to find themselves in Lucas and Arthur and the girls will like Sarah and Allison’s attitude towards life. That’s maybe why the audience find themselves in those characters.

About The Kidults, Arthur explained that it is “a blend word mixing the words “kid” and “adults”. It is about being in between states. We don’t really know when we become adults, sometimes we act like we are but in reality, we are kids. And alone, in front of the bathroom mirror, we can let everything out, grimace, play, imitate people, put on costumes… it is the best place to become a child again.”

Obviously, in these series, Arthur is the child, the one who didn’t really grow up and that the girls have to take care of. And as he is a guy… well… he loves it and it doesn’t give him any reason to grow up.

Moreover, the Kidults like to invite people in their world, their dear bathroom. Sarah said frankly:  Arthur added: “It was the opportunity for us to work with our friends, people we like and meet thanks to this project. Some come from Vine, Instagram, YouTube, or even theatre, stand-up, burlesque…”

Speaking about guests, Zac Andria has been acting in two episodes already as Allison’s boyfriend, which is, well… “Arthur and I love team work and offbeat humour. We exchanged messages and he invited me to be part of the Kidults for several episodes. Why? I don’t know. Maybe my parents raised me well.” In between laughs and crazy metaphors, he added: “The Kidults are only laughs alongside an offbeat aspect where people can refer to the characters. I play Allison’s boyfriend, a simple and funky guy who in reality, is the most annoying guy ever. My own alter-ego: From Beyonce to Sasha Fierce, me, I have Puppy Chulo: the one who dances, sings, and puts your sneakers on (in loving memory of Les Forbans)”.

The series is on Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, sometimes 20 seconds sometimes 5 minutes… Arthur said that it allowed people to enjoy themselves as it let more possibilities for self-expression. “As the background is always the same, we’re never lost”, added Arthur.

I was also wondering how those people were getting along so well, and that’s only because they don’t have any lines to remember, it’s all about spontaneity and being yourself. Everyone can add ideas and be free to talk about one scene or the other. Sarah confessed about Arthur’s organization and how they all work as a team: “Arthur has a kick-ass excel file with all the scenes he’d like to shoot and there is one phrase for each scene to describe what’s gonna happen. The dialogues are all ours to come up with.”

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Nina Lecourt-Neuman

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