An evening with WHITE at The Brewhouse in London

I was home an evening and I was searching for something new to listen to. That’s when my YouTube playlist changed automatically to this Scottish band from Glasgow : WHITE.

WHITE  is the voice of Leo Condie, the guitars of Hamish Fingland and Chris Potter, Lewis Andrew playing the bass and the beautiful Kirstin Lynn playing the drums.

I found them amazing and I immediately checked if they were playing in London in the days to come and bought my ticket for their gig on March 2nd at The Brewhouse in London Fields for their UK Tour. Living Fiction, Blush and Future Pleasures… All those songs names introduce us to a new dimension in pop/electro music and one thing that is sure is that we danced all night. Actually, I did a few nights earlier with some friends in the middle of my living room.

After the show, I met with Hamish and we had a nice chat about the band, his dreams and David Bowie.

How did you all begin this adventure?

I used to be in a band for a while with Lewis and Chris and we split up. Then, I was gonna write an album and have guest singers on each of my songs, and one of the people I was put in touch with to do it was Leo, the singer. When I heard him sing I told myself, “this is not just one song, we need to make a band with this”. Chris, Lewis and I have been writing songs already and I have been singing some of the ones I have been writing and then he joined in the writing too. In the end, we just thought : let’s do a band. We needed a drummer and we got Kirstin.

WHITE is made up of five people, how did you all meet ?

I met Chris because I was born beside him and our birthdays are very close together and we actually were in those little glass cases in the hospital together, as babies !

I met Lewis because my girlfriend when I was about 15 knew a guy that played piano and he played in the band with me then. I met Leo because of this collaboration album we did and I met Kirstin because I live in our recording studio with the boys and she was recording in a separate thing kind of near there and I was put in touch with her.

Non of us played the drums. I play the piano and the guitar, Lewis plays the piano and the guitar, Leo plays the piano and the guitar, Chris plays the piano and the guitar, all of us sing, but non of us can play the drums. We were looking for a drummer and our friend Thomas records in a studio next door to where we live and he was recording her band and they were just about to split up. She was this amazing drummer looking for a band and it is as simple as that and SHE IS GREAT, man, she is really good. Guys are only testicules an fight each other all the time but her she laughs and it makes a dynamic and it is much better.She’s the best part of the band to be honest.

White at The Brewhouse in London on March 2nd – Credit: Nina Lecourt-Neuman

What are your inspirations ?

We love things like David Bowie, Franz Ferdinand, Talking Heads, there’s an old Scottish band that you should check out called The Associates, they are amazing. But also things like : Soulwax, 2 Many DJ’s, Caribou… So we want to sing in a nightclub but with guitars and very big singers.

When is your album going to be released ?

We write and record everything ourselves in house because we live together as a band and we’ve got a lot of it recorded. I think we have five more that we are working on but we‘ve taken a weird direction and I think we have to do this before we finished the album or not. We’ll do all those festivals and maybe a couple other singles and it will come out at the end of the year or start of next year.

Are you thinking about travelling to Europe ?

Big time, big time. We’re going to the Netherlands at the weekend ! We are going to do this festival in the Netherlands, we will be in Amsterdam on Sunday. We went to the Netherlands like five times. We’re also playing in Belgium, but I can’t remember what it is called. We’ll do everything !

What is your dream ?

I just want to play to rooms of people that will dance and enjoy the music, genuinely. If I can just play music and that the music means something to people, and it makes them feel good, then I am happy.

Why did you call the band WHITE ?

We called it like this because we came up with loads of names, we all liked Sheets. I think it is harder to find a band name than write a great song. We came with all those band names like Sheets and Sheets and we looked it up and there were no bands called White. White is such a simple easy thing and also we kind of want to be a very colourful band, we like being glamour, colourful, everything except being white and when all the colours come together they make white and that’s kind of the cheesy, actual real reason.

And some of your tee shirts are pink, is it on purpose ?

We have white and pink tee shirts but we are really into the gay culture and we want to be like really fun band, we also did it for the laugh and I think they are really cool. The tee shirts modelled off, if you watch the music video for the Nick Cave song called “Stagger Lee”, he wears an old 90s « Take That » pink tee shirt and it’s really cool, he’s like my idol. Kind of cheap looking, tacky tee shirt and he is like dancing in it. I just think that looks amazing. And we only got a few of them made and it’s so weird that guys have this problem with wearing pink like « Oh, you wear pink, how weird is that ? », but they’ve sold out. We want to have fun. Some band are like wearing black and I love those bands I listen to them all the time but I mean… look at Bowie, man, Iggy Pop, look at these guys.

You talked about David Bowie earlier, so here is the classic question: how did you feel about David Bowie’s death ?

Really sad. I didn’t believe it at first. I was like « Ok » and then there was a big night in Glasgow where all the bands came together in this kind of cool venue, for charity and all the bands played Bowie songs all night. And Leo, our singer, got some acoustic songs. And everyone was looking at each other like : « fuck ». It’s actually « fucking shit » because he’s the best. Thank god we had him because if we hadn’t, it would have been a much more boring place.

It ends on a girl asking for a lighter loud and clear which made all of us laugh!

WHITE are very close to their fans and audience and you can follow them on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also listen to all their songs on Spotify!

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