Spotlight on We’re No Heroes

Music has the means to take you out of reality and make you forget about life for a moment. We’re No Heroes succeeds in creating music for the audience to discover a whole new world, and sharing happiness. It’s all about honesty.

In 2009, the Cardiff-based band started recording and writing songs which led to their first self produced EP, Crossing Over, released in 2010. The band is composed of Tom Collins (vocals and guitar), Michael Owen (vocals and bass), and Luke Llewellyn (vocals and drums).

We're No Heroes. Credit: Louise Tanner
We’re No Heroes. Credit: Louise Tanner

After self producing their first EPs, they worked with different record labels such as Ripefruit Recordings and lately, Spiral Icon. I had a little chat with the band and those guys have a lot of energy and ambition.

How did you meet and how did it all start?

We just one day seemed to all fall simultaneously into each others laps, found it quite cozy and have been all up in there ever since.

What band do you listen to when you’re on tour or to give you some inspiration when you write songs?

When we’re on tour we usually go into a discount CD shop and buy loads of 50p/£1 CD’s to play on the Tour Bus. This time around we found loads of bargains mate. One that stands out was Will Smith’s Greatest Hits. Always a party starter.

Your songs are mostly “rock/indie” songs, do you want to experiment other genres? What message do you want to convey through your songs?

I do think we’re rock based but I’d say WNH is a lot more than just that. Listen closely and I’d argue you could hear multiple genres in many of our songs. We ooze a thick goo of groove based tunes that take influence from the rhythms of Dub & Reggae to House music, Funk, Psychedelic pop & a lot more. Just adjust your ears and let it all take on over.

How did you come up with the name “We’re No Heroes”? How about the name of your songs? “Voodoo”, “Dark Dive”, “Wild Life”, how do you come up with those? Are you inspired by movies or other arts to find them?

It’s always a team effort. If we’re undecided and like separate options when naming a song we take it outside to the streets. Whoever wins the street race event gets to have final say. We’re called We’re No Heroes cos we’d rather be having a good time making people feel good than go out trying to save the world, making ourselves look like the village git.

When is the album being released?

We’ve been asked a lot for one. We’d love to make an album! In an incredibly ludicrous expensive industry and being incredibly ludicrous poor musicians it’s whenever a label wants to step up to the task of understanding & supporting what we’ve been doing this whole time and getting neck deep stuck in.

When is your next tour? Will it be limited to the UK or also expanding to Europe?

The future is always bright and WNH keeps on growing larger and larger. You never know. We’re a bunch of hungry ambitious bastards who really want to see the world and bring our unique and weird brand of space love funk to all the beautiful faces around the world. It’s just a matter of time until it gets out of control and wild and ends up on your door step.

Who do you work with for your videos?

Cardiff based production company Storm & Shelter.

Their music manager, Adam Whitmore, also answered some questions about managing the band:

How is it to take care of a group like “We’re No Heroes”? Why did you choose to work with them and give them a chance?

It’s loads of fun! We’re like one big happy musical family! I help out and organise loads of different aspects of the band and business, everyone has a equal share in the decisions we make, it’s really chilled and great working relationship.

The guys actually asked me to work with them, which is nice. I knew them for a long time before working with them officially so it was an easy decision. I work as a promoter in South Wales and had to booked the guys for a few shows in Cardiff, hung out with them at gigs and shared a beer or two, so knew them and their music really well.

We’re No Heroes’ last EP, Stay Weird, was released on November 13th, 2015.

Follow the band on Twitter and their website.

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