Song of a lifetime – Eastern Glow by The Album Leaf

We all have this one song that will always remind us of a part of our life. This one song that we usually don’t expect but always come on point in your ear plugs. The one song that we love and hate at the same time because the memories are too harsh to remember.

My one song is Eastern Glow by The Album Leaf.

Remember The OC? This series every 14-year-old teenage girls would watch and say: “OMG, Seth is so gorgeous, but Ryan is such a bad ass it’s really sexy” or ” I am so Marissa and you’re so Summer, that’s why we are such close friends”. If we think about it, this show was the most realistic show ever concerning human relationships, which implies drama, violence and sadness. Why would each one of us watch it, then? For me, everything sits in the music they used to convey emotions.

The girl who needs all the attention possible from her family and friends. This song underlines Marissa’s loneliness, the signals she sent to the persons who could have helped her, without being heard.

When the show was released, in 2003, I was a little girl about to experience and start my teenage years. At that time, I was sad, and I was “so Marissa”. Eastern Glow conveys sadness and happiness at the same time. The kind of melody that makes you cry without really knowing why and draws a smile on your face at the same time. It actually reflects what growing up is. It is hard but it makes us able to create our own personnality and discover life even though it is not always easy to deal with it on a daily basis.

This moment when Marissa is drinking alone on the beach, is one of the strongest climax of the series. She is facing herself, her problems, and realises she needs to solve them, but is not strong enough to do it on her own. She has to be strong but life comes back running, not letting her free.

This song is that to me: this paradoxical moment we can grow up and be free but life makes you become your own slave. It is all about introspection. When you become a woman and you just don’t know what to do with what life offers you… Or not.

The Album Leaf helped me face my life when I was about to give up. It made me grow up and become the woman I am now. 10 years later, I still listen to this song remembering how I got when I am now.

Nina Lecourt-Neuman

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