“Sex Education” is not only a title, it is the dramedy we have been waiting for!

Sex is taboo. Sex is something people don’t talk about because they are scared they would be doing things wrong or just talk bullshit. But in Sex Education, the new Netflix series released on January 11th, this is right the opposite as sex is very much there and maybe – for sure! – its main character. Created by Laurie Nunn, the series follows seventeen-year old teenager Otis, played by actor Asa Butterfield, whose mum, Jean, incarnated by the great Gillian Anderson (X-Files), happens to be a sex-therapist but also very intrusive of his private life. Of course, nobody knows about it, except his best friend Eric, played by Ncuti Gatwa.

Friendship is as fragile as a love affair. Source : IMDb

Well, this has been the case until Maeve, the high school bad girl, played by actress Emma Mackey, discovered that not only his mum was good at giving relationship related advice, but that he got this talent from her. Knowing – and witnessing – that, the teenage girl decides to open a “clinic” where she would be the accountant and Otis would give sex and relationship advice to the high school students in exchange for money. The only thing is that Otis is a virgin, and if people learn about it, his little business might fall apart, especially his relationship with Maeve… Because when feelings start to meddle, it is never easy to put words on what is going wrong.

But man, teenagers do think a lot about sex. And in Sex Education, they actually talk about it, about its perks, the ups and downs and they want to find a way to fix what is going wrong. The series actually tell the audience to talk about it and not keep it taboo because we never know can go wrong, and we have to be able to talk about it openly.

Otis tries to help Adam, headteacher’s son and bully at Moordale high school. Source : Le Point

Boy, girl, straight, gay, adult or teenager, everyone gets to speak their mind. Good or bad, it is important to see high school the way our parents have never really imagined it. Even though they’ve experienced it in the past, every generation has its own issues at school. And sex has been one of the main characters in a teenager’s life story, maybe even part of ones identity, which is also one of the main subjects treated here.

Mother and son quality time. Source : IMDb

However, despite the identity crisis, the jealousy, the manipulation, the photos and the “talking behind your back”, Sex Education talks about communication, love, friendship and makes us laugh a lot. Why? Because we’ve experienced all that, and we can identify to the main characters. Moreover, it shows a lot of things – like masturbating – we would be ashamed of. But in a way, filming it and putting it in a series makes us realise how real it is.

This feel-good series is the show to watch this winter underneath the blankets with a hot cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, we still don’t know if this series will have a second season but we really hope it does.

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