In ABC’s “Splitting Up Together”, Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson reinvente divorce

Splitting up is not easy. Especially when you have three kids and you decide to live separately… but in the same house. Co-produced by the amazing Ellen DeGeneres, the new ABC comedy Splitting Up Together portrays husband and wife Martin – played by Oliver Hudson – and Lena – Jenna Fischer -, who have had it living together. They have enjoyed every second of it, until they realised they just should stop being together, on March 27th, 2018 in front of the whole United States of America. At least romantically, because in a way, they still live together. When one of them is on-duty for a whole week taking care of the children, the other is off-duty, relaxing in the garage they converted into a room, just trying to figure out how to get back to a single life for the week. Why make it a simple divorce when you can get into the other’s head so easily, right?

Love is such a b***c. Source: IMDb

But when a couple gets divorced, or at least separated, shouldn’t they be happy about it and focus on their kids and their new life instead of thinking about the one they wanted to get separated from? After their break-up, weirdly, Martin and Lena learn to listen to each other and realise what they did that made their partner miserable the whole time their marriage lasted. Martin is focused on winning his ex back while Lena just cannot handle his on-duty lifestyle.

Every episode covers a parental issue and solving it will help them realise why their other half was miserable because of them. In Splitting Up Together, separation is actually a means to evolve and become a better person.

But most importantly, what about the kids in the middle? How does a mother deal with her teenage boy’s puberty without accepting that she cannot take care of it alone? How can a lazy father take care of his children meals when they go to school? Well, theses children and their problems are the reason Martin and Lena will realise they need each other and that they could be wrong from time to time, just because, you know… pride.

In Martin and Lena’s case, divorce is also a way to make – never too late – efforts their partner has always asked them to do and to regret that time they could have been happier. And it has been the case for two seasons already. However, even though the audiences have seemed to drop compared to season one, we still don’t know if the channel will renew or cancel the comedy series for a third season.

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