Bravo series “Dirty John” will call dating apps into question

If you’ve missed Los Angeles Times’ journalist Christopher Goffard’s podcast about the infamous John Meehan, you can discover about this odd character on Netflix, in the new Bravo series, Dirty John.

As more people use Tinder and different dating apps everyday, one should be very careful with the person who hides behind their profile. Especially when dangerous manipulators act like they are the most perfect people on Earth but are actually trying to get rich women’s trust in order to put a hand on their money.

Based on real events, Dirty John relates how stalker John Meehan – played by the amazing Eric Bana – managed to manipulate wealthy interior designer Debra Newell, performed by mesmerising Connie Britton, after meeting her on a dating website. Within a few weeks, Meehan succeeded in seducing this divorced mother of four and getting her to buy a house for both of them as well as getting married after only a few months dating.

For instance, John Meehan was all lies and deceit an d as the weeks go by, Debra gets slowly blind-sided by him, even though her family, including her daughters and nephew warn her that he’s trying to oust them.

Is that always how a doctor shows up at a charity? Source: Jordin Althaus/Bravo

However, at some point, Debra wonders about the man she shares her life with and starts investigating on him, which scares him and triggers his aggressiveness towards his wife and her family. The more she discovers about him, the more Debra Newell and her family go through a living hell as he’ll do everything he can to cover his lies, even if it means destroying her family.

Real John Meehan and Debra Newell. Source:

Son of a conman, Meehan followed his dad’s path and started using women to get what he wanted in life, especially when it involved drugs. Indeed, his first marriage with nurse Tonia Sells led to him getting a nursing degree as well, which implied having access to the hospital pharmacy and the patients’ treatments.

Liar, drug addict, stalker, cheater, John Meehan got himself a reputation as he got out of prison after his divorce from Sells and started faking being a doctor in order to get women’s trust and get into their lives.

For the ones who cannot get enough of Debra Newell’s story, the American channel Bravo has ordered two seasons right away, which means the second season is on its way. However, it is still unclear if it will cover Newell and Meehan’s story or if it will focus on a whole new bunch of characters.

In the meantime, and if John Meehan’s life has triggered your curiosity, the crime-focused network Oxygen, is developing an unscripted series about the people he harassed and manipulated during his existence.

Dirty John is available on Netflix since February 14th.

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