The weekend playlist is BACK!

It’s been a long time and Farouche has certainly missed you.

But who says “long time no see,” says new songs and incredible artists because even though we have gone a little under the radar, we have been working our ass off to find these little gems that we know you’ll listen to all weekend long to celebrate this past hard working week.

So let’s dive into this musical paradise, shall we?

Kombucha – Winnetka Bowling League

Matthew Koma is widely known as Hilary Duff’s fiancé but he also is the lead singer in this incredible indie rock band called Winnetka Bowling League and we just cannot stop listening to it.

Love You So Bad – Ezra Furman

The American songwriter was already pretty well known, but if you’ve never heard his name before, you surely have heard his music is the new Netflix series Sex Education. And you won’t stop dancing, even maybe put it on repeat all weekend.

OMG Rock n Roll – Kevin Morby

No, it’s not Bob Dylan, but we could easily make this mistake. This talented indie rock American composer enchants us with his aerial voice and his mellow melodies that allow us to leave reality for a while to better come back to it.

Tricks – Stella Donnelly

Stella Donnelly’s angel voice will take you to her own little world and make you dance in tune with the story of her life.

No Vacation – Yam Yam

They could even be called Yum Yum because listening to No Vacation is like eating your favorite food over and over again. It’s getting better every time. Take a peak, your ears will thank you for it.

Feel Better – Rosemary Fairweather

Everything is in the title: those rock’n’roll vibes and Rosemary Fairweather’s porcelain voice just make you feel better.

Kids – Current Joys

The lyrics start with:
Oh I’m just a kid
I never use my brain
I only use my heart
And my imagination
And that’s exactly how you’ll feel listening to Kids.


Listening to the first notes, we could easily think we are listening to an old New Order single, but they actually bring a modern touch to this psychedelic rhythm that we all enjoy closing our eyes on and imagining we are somewhere just for 3 little minutes.

This is The Day – The The

This is The Day is another little treasure from the Sex Education soundtrack. And the amazing thing about it is that you can put images on the notes. It can provide even more emotions and who knows, trigger some amazing feelings you thought you’d never feel again.

I Don’t Know – Skinshape

Last, but never least, a little Skinshape vibe to try and handle starting a new week smoothly and look forward to the summer vibes.

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